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Leave RDU for Sapporo, Japan via Chicago and Tokyo. Plane delayed 45min. leaving RDU, partly because Dubya was flying in for a $25K a plate luncheon, hope they all got food poisoning...

Arrive in Chicago with 40min. to connection, take "secret" bus to separate terminal for connection. I say "secret", because I've never seen this bus before, and there was only 3 of us on there. Think everybody else must have walked. Sorry, back to the point, get to the gate for Tokyo flight, plane is out of service, they must get one from Denver. GREAT!! Run into fellow Aero crew members, we're told by United that take off will be delayed at least 3hrs. Our connection in Tokyo is about 3hrs. Looks like a long day just got longer.

Finally we depart Chicago 3.5hrs. late. I get lucky on flight and sit next to an American couple on their way to Singapore. They serve food on the flight every 30min. of the 12hr. flight, or at least it seems that way. I sleep most of the flight, did awake as we were crossing Alaska and was treated to a spectacular view of the snow covered mountains (now I know why I asked for a window seat).

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