Bristow, VA -Show Day

Up early and head to the Starbuck's in the Tyson's Corner Mall. Arrive early, stores aren't even open yet, but the 'Bucks is. Yay!! Wait in line behind two people, the first is ordering $50 worth of doughnuts and muffins,probably for her co-workers which is a nice gesture, except she is holding up the line for 15 minutes. Ever hear of a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts? Starbucks is there to grab something quick and go. After she is done the idiot behind her, who has been standing in front of the pastries for 15 minutes, can't decide what SHE wants? There must be something in the water up here that breeds stupidness (you should see them drive), maybe its the proximity to DC, the center of all that is stupid. But I degress. Anyway, grab coffee and muffins for Paige and head back to the hotel. Did I mention that it is cold and raining...

Make my bus call at 10:30, off to the gig. I want to invite a friend and his family to the show tonight, but get the smackdown, I'll have to pony up $125 a ticket to get them in. Ouch!! Sometimes it sucks touring with a band this big.

Setup, etc., have dinner, wait on Paige and Beth. Boss doesn't arrive till late (probably stuck in traffic). Quickly meet with him about rig related stuff and it's showtime.

Show is a good one. Load-out and say goodbye to Paige, I won't see her again for almost a month :(

Tyson's Corner, VA -Day Off

Arrive at the hotel in the am. My wife and Beth are driving up today. We head to Georgetown after they arrive. Have Thai for lunch, then much shopping... Nobody buys much, but the weather is beautiful and it's nice to be outside. Back to the hotel, meet a few of the other roadies for drinks and off to bed.

Boston -Show Day #2

Get to the gig in the afternoon, no soundcheck. Pretty boring day. Show goes well. New proto amp sounds even better!!!

Boston - Day Off (Moving Day)

Rent a cargo van this morning, as Jerry and I are helping my boss move some stuff from his newly sold house to storage. Get down to the boss' place after lunch, and fill the van with plastic tubs of stuff to take to storage. Ossie meets us at the warehouse after we unload the first load, he's here to deliver the proto amp (now fully enclosed in a custom suede enclosure). Oz gets enlisted to help us with the next load of stuff.

Load up another van full, after cleaning out most of the basement, the barn, and the garage. It's dark and the boss takes us out to dinner. We walk in his favorite spot, which is packed with people, including our singer. We wait in the bar for a table, then have some amazing Italian food (I had Balsamic Grilled Swordfish) and good conversation. It's after 10pm and we still have to unload the van. We get done around 11 and head for the hotel. Whew... Thanks to Jerry and Oz for the help.

Boston -Show Day

First show in Boston today. Always a big deal, as this is hometown for the band. Before showtime, Dave Perewitz and a few of his friends (all riding bikes built by Perewitz) show up on their custom Harleys. Dave has just done another Biker Buildoff on Discovery Channel. Hope he wins this time.

Using a new รท13 amp tonight in place of the missing Blockhead Proto.

Show goes great, with a special appearance from our sidelined bass player, who comes out to play one song. He looks great, and we hope he comes back soon.

Walk away tonight, as we have another show here, day after tomorrow.

Boston - Day Off (Sort Of...)

Down to the office (warehouse) this afternoon to do some clean up and get a few spare parts. Wait around to let the stage manager/carps into the building to dump some unneeded staging.

Boston - Day Off

Wake up on the bus late (10:30am), I'm the only one left on. Leisurely have tea, eat breakfast, check email, etc. Eventually check in, shower, etc. Make my way back to the bus to watch MotoGP. After the GP, run into the boss and his family outside their bus. They've just gotten up and are watching football. Watch the Panthers vs Tampa Bay game with them, then off to eat Indian with the boys...

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