Los Angeles - Show Day 1

Paige and I drive to the gig around lunchtime. Get her squared away with a pass and have lunch in catering. Off she goes back to the hotel and I go to work onstage.

This is night one of two and we're playing in a soccer stadium in Carson, CA. Nice place, I think the complex was part of the Olympics a few years back. About 30,000 a night here, so it's a BIG deal.

My buddy Fredric from Divided by 13 amps delivers an amp for one of the band guys and brings me one of his JRT 9/15 models (eat your heart out Josh). I can't wait to try it out, as I only get to play it for 5 minutes or so. He's shipping me the matching cabinet to my house. Fredric is a true gentleman and craftsman of the finest amps on the planet (IMHO). Thanks Fred.

Paige returns for dinner and we meet Matt, Elizabeth and their son Alec before the show. Paige and the other crew wives watch the show from the VIP platform at FOH. Meet Paige after the show, it's a walk away show, so it only takes me 15 minutes to pack my stuff. Since we both still have headaches, we head back to the hotel and much needed rest.

Long Beach - Day Off (kinda)

Wake up around 8am on the bus, we're stopped in Long Beach around the corner from the hotel. Go outside to find Mo, our driver, conversing with a bunch of cops. Seems some idiot backed into the side of the bus as Mo was turning the corner. The cops in their infinite wisdom give Mo a ticket, for driving down a street that's not a 'Bus Route'. But, big trucks are going up and down the street loading and unloading. STUPID.

Get into the hotel and shower, then cab it out to the Long Beach Airport to meet Paige's plane. What a cool little airport, old Art Deco building with less than 10 gates. I actually stand behind a fence and watch her plane land and taxi within 150 feet of me. When's the last time anyone did that? Grab her bags an stand in line to get our rental car. The people directly in front of us take 45 min to get their car, since they keep saying their quote on the internet was for less than the agent is saying. The guy behind us thinks we should all pitch in the difference, just to get them out of the way. Good idea. Finally get our car, we are upgraded to a Saturn Ion, wonder what we would have got if the Saturn is an upgrade? LOL.

Head back towards the hotel, stop for Thai food lunch (Thanks Paige). Pretty good. We both have migraines, so we go to the hotel to rest and eventually walk to the Starbucks for refreshments. I have to go into the gig and set-up/line-check, which could have waited till tomorrow, but not my call. I miss going to dinner with our friends Matt and Elizabeth, but Paige goes in the hopes that i can join them later after I'm done working. I get done around 9:30pm and agree to meet everyone back at the hotel, they show up around 10:30 and we chat in the lobby for a while then off to bed.

Las Vegas - Show Day

OK, another week passes without me updating the blog. Just been too busy. It's Wednesday Oct. 12th and I'm updating(backdating)from my hotel in San Francisco.

Busy day in Vegas as we have Euro weirdos The Network opening and somehow all of us on backline got sucked into working for them too. This means non-stop days (12+ hours), as we have to set-up/tear-down and soundcheck both bands.

Both bands shows go well. I snapped a couple of pics of The Network with my new lens. Pretty good, as they use a lot of smoke and it's pretty dark onstage. See my Flickr photo link at right.

Tired after the show and anxious to get to LA, where Paige is flying in to meet me.

Phoenix -Show Day

Another busy day with a long soundcheck. Miss meeting my guests as the show up after I'm already working. Maybe next time. I do get to ride my new bike some, but not enough. After loadout watch a bus favorite on DVD, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Funny stuff. Off to bed, with no book to read...

Albuquerque -Show Day

Wake up around 8am, but I think the boys have been trying to wake Unky Greg up since 6am. It is now time to go ride bikes, I wish I hadn't left mine on the bus. walk across the street to the park and watch the boys jump dirt ramps with minimal crashing. Andrew finds a golf ball, so we hit that around too. back to the house for more video games and then off to the gig.

Tough to find the venue as it's nestled in some hills and there are no signs for the exit off the interstate. We drive around for a while, then I look it up on my Treo and we finally get there. Show the boys around backstage, they are bored until the see the drums, then they just want to play the drums. I get some good pictures of them playing and Andrew making his 'Metal' face. After lunch they head home, my sister will be coming to the show later with her friends.

Much activity today as we have an extra long soundcheck. I grab a quick bite to eat (missed lunch), and then go meet Alison and her friends. Give them all the backstage tour, then they're off to their seats for the show.

By showtime the rain comes in. At this venue the stage is covered, but the crowd is not. It really starts pouring by the third song. I cover up my rig as it's getting wet. I even run out and move Jason back a few feet, so he doesn't have to sing in the rain (no pun intended). Rains off and on for most of the set. But the stage stays moderately dry. It's gone by load out and I say good bye to my sister and they head out.
I'm beat from the day and go to bed early and miss the bus BBQ. I heard it was great though. Finish my book before falling asleep with the light on.

Albuquerque - Day Off

With the time change we arrive in Albuquerque around 2pm. Not bad, good driving Mo!! I call my sister and she comes down to pick me up, as I'm staying with her and my nephews tonight. My nephews, Aaron and Andrew, have gotten so big. It's been 2 years since I've seen them (they're now 8). We go out to eat and then back to Alison's house, where the boys have me playing video games till they have to go to bed (some things haven't changed). Stay up talking with Alison then fall asleep reading.

San Diego -Show Day

Outdoors today at the Coors Amphitheater. This place is always great, and it's hometown for a couple of the crew guys. My good friends Matt and Alec come down early with a present for me, a new mountain bike!!! It's really cool and everyone on the crew marvels at how light it is. Many many thanks to those two. My buddy Peter and his friend Rio come down after doors, we hang out for a bit then I walk them out to FOH to watch the show.

During the show tonight I see a guy crowd surfing in a wheelchair, he makes it all the way to the front. I've possibly seen everything now... Load-out and we head out as soon as we can as it's a 825 mile drive to Albuquerque.

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