I'm home, so the Blog suffers...

Now that I'm home for 27 glorious days, my blog will be pretty boring. Basically while I'm home, I will work on the Raleigh house, vacation at the Oak Island beach house (and probably do some work there too), and spend time with my wife Paige, the dogs Sophie and Cleo, and as many friends as I can squeeze in. I'm back on tour onAugust 10th for 9 weeks, so expect more then. Thanks for listening, we return you to your regularly scheduled boredom.

The Day Has Come

Finally the people at Starbucks have seen the light (or perhaps read this blog?) and brought the Green Tea Frappuccino® to America. Two days ago my wife Paige called to tell me she had just bought one at our local Starbucks. Well, yesterday I finally had myself one, and it was delicious. They are also making a Tazo® Shaken Green Ice Tea Lemonade, haven't tried it, YET!! Hurry down to your local Starbucks and consume one of these tasty beverages. Yes, I think I have a problem. The first step is admitting it.

In other news, tonight I get to see Watershed, one of my all time favorite bands. They've come down from Columbus, OH to play the Lincoln Theatre here in Raleigh. Bobzilla and I plan on going to dinner with the guys before the show. Can't wait!!

Off to the beach tomorrow for 5 days...

Glasgow, Scotland to RDU (Home)

Arrived home safe and sound from Glasgow. May post more about my plane flight later. Till then, I'm home and working on the Raleigh house, then off to the beach house for almost a week.

T in the Park, Scotland - Show Day

Up at 7am, driver says we must get off the bus and go upstairs on the ferry or face getting arrested if we're caught in the hold. MOST of us get up and it looks like a Rock n Roll party on the ferry as there are numerous bands and crews in the lounges. Some people haven't even been to bed and are still drinking beer, guess it's 5 o'clock somewhere...

Arrive at the festival around 1pm, we won't even be loading in till 4pm or so. See my good friend Alan Rogan, seems Townshend sat in with his girlfriend's band early in the day. Grab some catering and post to the blog.

Tonight's show is the last of the European tour. Tomorrow we get to go home for a month!!!

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