Lordy Lordy Paige is 40!!!!!

As many of you know my wife Paige is 40 today. Happy Birthday!!! Someone thought it was funny to have 40 chickens put in our front yard. Well, I thought it was funny.

Hope everyone has a good time at her party tonight. Wish I could be there.

Show Day -Miami

First show back in the States. Guys come in for an extra long soundcheck, all the new gear is met with approval. Show is sold-out, crowd is nuts. After load-out, collapse in my bunk for much needed rest.

Set-up Rehearsal Day -Miami

Go down to the gig early to open up many packages. It's like Christmas, three new guitars, new effects, new everything!! Busy day working all the new stuff into my rig. Band decides not to come in, which is cool, as most of us work past 10pm just on getting our gear sussed out.

RDU to Miami

Fly RDU to Miami, arrive pm. Check-in to the Mayfair Hotel and Spa. Killer rooms, plasma TV, hot-tub on the deck, etc. Walk around, lots of shops and restaurants, and a movie theater. Decide to check out Sahara. Good action movie in the Indiana Jones genre. Back to the hotel to watch Law & Order, then off to sleep.

The Best BMX Bikes

Between SNL and leaving for the US tour I managed to get a sweet hook-up from my friends at Eastern Bikes. They swagged me out with a whole bunch of great stuff. Thanks guys.

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