Kansas City, MO - Show Day

Gig is at the Municipal Auditorium of Kansas City. Built in the late 20's to early 30's, it is an Art Deco marvel. Lots of cool signs and fixtures. Just amazing. I spend alot of the day just looking around and taking photos.

Gig goes well, during the "Start a Band" portion of the set, one kid yells out that he can play sax, so he's pulled up on stage to do just that. First time that's ever happened, and it was pretty funny, as the kid couldn't play as well as he boasted.

I'm still feeling bad, so off to bed I go after the gig.

St. Louis - Show Day

Friday the 13th. YIKES!! Get to the gig and for whatever reason it takes them till almost 4pm to rig the stage right PA. This stuff is usually in the air by noon.

My friend Donner comes down after soundcheck with his buddy John. They checkout the guitar rigs, as they're both tone freaks like me. We take a few pics and generally hang out until doors, then they're off to get their tix and see the show.

Gig goes well, great crowd, almost as loud as the kids in Quebec. I'm feeling a litle under the weather, so I go straight to bed after the gig. Even though there's a BBQ... I'm sure I missed some good food.

St. Louis - Day Off

Photo taken from my phone at the Cardinals vs. Dodgers game at Busch Stadium.

Get hooked up with tix to the game via various crew members. Hotel is right next to Busch Stadium. Great seats along the third base line. Great hot dogs too. Cards take it 10-3 on rallies in the 3rd and 5th innings. Fun was had by all.

Cedar Rapids, IA - Show Day

Up early, gig is pretty small. Raining too. Again, no satellite on bus. While standing outside the bus, a few of us hear what sounds like a jackhammer coming down the street. We look and it's a car driving at 35mph with no front wheel. The guys stops at the light, looks around then starts running away from the car, as people are chasing him, saying he hit another car 2 blocks away. Cops arrive, never find out if they got the guy or not. It's crazy out here in the Midwest.

Later in the day find a killer magazine store across from the gig, I think everyone on the crew went in and bought stuff...

Gig goes well. Loadout and more reading...

Peoria, IL - Show Day

Go riding in the morning around the gig downtown, not much to see. Bus is indoors, so no satellite. Boring day... Gig goes well. Load out and go to sleep reading.

Madison, WI - Show Day

Up early in Madison, intend to ride my bike, but don't see the bus anywhere near the hotel. Oh well, read USA Today instead.

Get to the venue and receive a call from everybody's favorite wacky rock star Rick Nielsen. He's coming down to the show with his daughter and friends.

Set-up, etc. Rick and Co. come down about 6:30, they're met outside by our drummer and escorted to catering for dinner. I hang and talk with Rick as he eats and then it's time to go look at the guitars... As we're walking around, Rick knows everyone, since his management office was based in Madison for a number of years.

Rick watches the show from my guitar world and we have fun throwing picks at various band and crew and general goofing around. A good time is had by all. Thanks Rick.

Here's a pic of Rick and Jason White, who I tech for. (Jason is sporting his Pirate Hat for the song "King for a Day")

Aftershow, we get pies from one of my favorite pizza joints, Glass Nickel Pizza Company. Glad I requested it!! It was delicious. If we had been in Chicago I would have ordered from Rick's place called Piece.

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