Dallas - Show Day

Wake up at the gig in Dallas. Hot as blazes outside. Bike the block and a half to load-in. All of these new arenas load in underground and they are usually a block to two blocks away, crazy. Really need my bike at the gig today, as everything is spread out.

Find my 'B' rack early and set-up in the crew room and start soldering. Pretty much work on that most of the day, between doing my regular gig. After dinner find a bike trail next to the venue and ride for 2+ miles, then back for the show. Aftershow shower and back to the bus for the ride to San Antone.

Houston - Show Day

Sleep in, due to the late night (for me anyways). Down to the gig and await FedEx for a new amp I ordered. Band comes in with more guitars at soundcheck...

After dinner, off on my bike around the gig. Paige calls and I ride around in a small park next to the gig. Half way through my conversation I get stopped by a lady police officer, who wants to know what I'm up to, and where I live. I tell her I'm with the tour and she says "Oh, we thought you might be dealing drugs". Guess I was riding around in the wrong part of town. LOL. End up talking to the officer for a few minutes and then off for more riding. Another great show, then load out and on the bus to watch "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" on DVD.

Houston - Day Off

Arrive in Houston at the Hotel Derek, very moderist interior. Cool! And free internet to boot. More biking around, check out Barnes and Noble, Starbuck's, etc. But, avoid the gigantic Galleria Mall. Buy the bus a Quesadilla Maker at Target.

End up going to the Houston Astros baseball game with Beau and Brian C. Get to see Roger Clemens pitch for the Astros, and he does well, with 6 strikeouts even though they lose.

After the game, Brian's friend Tom, who is driving us around, takes us to the Rhythm Room to see a friend of his play. As we pull up I notice the Sonnier Brothers are playing also, and I happen to know them!! What are the odds. Get in just as the Sonnier's are taking the stage and enjoy their set. Then it's Tom's friend Dan Dyer. Dan is great with a Gavin Degraw kinda vibe. Lots of soulful singing and a kick ass band. Back to the hotel late and off to bed.

Oklahoma City - Show Day

Up early and bike over to the gig to drop off my laundry. Then more biking around till bus call, then off to the gig. Load-in and more work on my 'B' rig. Band comes in for soundcheck and they've been shopping, more guitars and some vintage drums. After dinner, go for a bike ride around the gig and in the park next door. Show goes well, singer is back in great form and his Mom is even in the audience. Load out and bus to Houston.

Oklahoma City - Day Off

Arrive in OKC around noon, take a quick shower and off in the pouring rain to Brick Town (restaurants, bars, theaters, etc, near the baseball park). Catch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", very enjoyable, more like the book than the first, but I still prefer Gene Wilder. Rain has stopped when I get out of the movie, so I wander over to the bus and grab my bike.

Ride around downtown, seeing the sites, and pass the Art Museum where there is a Mid-Century Modern exhibit. Decide to get some culture and spend the last hour they are open check out the Mid-Century exhibit as well as a nice Dale Chuhuly (glass maker) exhibit. Pass a Thai restaurant on the way back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel watch "Sideways" on DVD, then off for Thai food. Very good, even though I was the only person in the place.

Nashville - Roadie Snow Day

So another "Roadie Snow Day" here in Nashville. One bonus is that we get more time to visit Gibson Guitars. Our good friend Steve Christmas picks us up at the hotel and takes us to the Custom Shop, for a brief tour before meeting up with the band over at the Gibson USA factory next door. Take an even longer tour of the USA factory and then back to the Custom Shop. Take some pics of a few guitars made by the master builders, see sidebar.

Back at the hotel, take a quick trip to the venue to check on some packages I had sent. Then off to Jack's BBQ for some smoked turkey BBQ with our production manager Greg Dean. Buses leave out for Oklahoma City at midnite.

Dayton - Show Day

The day before a day off is called "Roadie Friday". Today we had an even rarer occurrence of "Roadie Snow Day", or the cancellation of the show. Our singer voice just wasn't show-ready and the doctor advised him to give it a rest for a few days. He should be good to go for the next show in OK.

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