Phoenix -Day Off

Cancel the next show due to the singer's voice, so 4 days off in Phoenix at a golf (yuk) resort. Nice place though...

Dallas -Show Day

Pretty regular gig day in Dallas. My buddy Aron from 'Parking in Bitterman Circle' fame comes down to hang out, he knows quite a few people on the crew. Always good to see you Aron.

Show goes well, Mr. Ted Nugent makes a guest appearance on 'Train'. There are a lot of licks flying between the three guitar players, although I think my boss got the best ones in...

Dallas -Day Off

Get off the bus in Dallas around 9am and in to the hotel. Meet a few of the other members of the crew at 2pm in the lobby for our field trip to Unique Performance. I contacted them a few weeks ago about coming down and touring their operation. These guys started out making a replica of the Shelby GT 500 'Eleanor', made famous in the film 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. They have since started producing some nostalgic, but very unique designs of both Fords and Chevys.

We arrive at the shop, a 30,000 sq ft operation, where they do the final assembly. We are guided around by two of the top guys and we are all impressed by the engineering and attention to detail these guys give the cars. We even get to see them dyno one of the beasts (some are close to 750HP). It makes for a memorable afternoon and I thank everyone at Unique for a truly great time.

Back at the hotel, Jerry and I meet up with friends(and former crew mates) Derek and Geoff and grab some dinner (Mexican). Hang out in the hotel lobby/bar afterwards and Derek takes me to see some awesome Mid-Century Modern homes in a new development near the hotel.

San Antonio -Show Day

Put my laundry in early with the video bus. Then down at my regular time to go to the gig. Another one of the huge basketball/hockey arenas we play, lots of walking today...

Set-up as usual. After line check I meet Lance Keltner, a Austin based guitar player, who I've only spoken to over the internet. He's responsible for my discovery of Divided by 13 amps, the best in the world!!

Later, another Austin player, the infamous Eric Johnson appears and we talk gear, etc. He's truly the definition of a Texas gentleman. We hang before and after the show with my boss, talking music and guitars. It was a treat, as I am a big fan.

We stayed at the hotel in Houston last night. Lobby call is at 11am for lunch at Ninfa's, the famous Tex-Mex eatery. Mama Ninfa's was the first to introduce Fajitas to America. We take the buses down to the original restaurant (it's now a chain) and take up the back of the small place. The Margaritas start flowing and much food is consumed. I try not to eat too much, but fail. Back on the buses to San Antonio, and everyone falls asleep.

Arrive in San Antonio around 4:30pm, we're staying on the Riverwalk, which is nice. Decide to go to the movies at 8pm with Jerry, we see 'Underworld: Evolution', which is OK. Not as good as 'Van Helsing' though. At least the popcorn is good.

Houston -Show Day

The hotel is attached to a mall, so down for some Starbucks this morning. Off to the gig for another busy day. I do get to ride my bike for a few minutes inside and outside. But, not long enough. Show goes well. Back to the hotel after load out.

Submarine Ride

Travel day today on the bus from Greensboro to Houston, aka 'Submarine Ride'. All day on the bus either reading, sleeping, eating, or watching football playoffs. We arrive just after the Pittsburgh game ends. It's raining. Spend the rest of the evening in my room reading and watching Law and Order. Ahh, the glamorous life...

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