Jacksonville, FL - Show Day

Cold here in Jax today. Load-in and more tweaking of my stage rig. Catering is terrible. Meet my cousins at will call just before the opener goes on. They end up watching the entire show from the side of the stage. Good times. Load out and ride the bus to Atlanta, where we head straight for the airport and a flight to Vegas for a private show.

Orlando, FL -Show Day

Get in early to the gig (10am). Lots to do today as I reclaim my regular gig after they've already done a 6 week leg. Basically just go through my rig and workbox, rearranging and cleaning up. My substitute did a great job, so there's not a lot to do. Keeps me busy most of the day though.

Show goes well, band is playing a lot of older songs (Cool!). Crowd is great, load out is quick, on the bus and off to the next city.

RDU to Orlando, FL

Uneventful flight from home to Orlando. Get to the hotel about 6pm. Gig is across the street, walk over to say hello to everyone who is there doing the pre-rig. Back to my room after hanging at the gig for over an hour. BORED, BORED, BORED!!! Finally walk down to the bar and grab a couple of the guys milling about and head down the street for Chinese food. Hang out there talking for awhile, then back to the room to chill.

New Year, New Blog Template

Happy New Year to all!!! This page will be under construction this week, as I remodel and start posting on my new tour which starts tomorrow.

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