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So, as many of you know, when I am not touring I am usually working on some kind of remodel project at home. These projects usually take twice as long as I think they will and quadruple what Paige thinks. This is due to most of my projects being a 'first time' for me. I like to earn while I learn. Wait a minute, am I getting paid for this? Uh, no. Damn.

Current projects where to smooth the popcorn ceiling in the office (3rd bedroom), the hallway, and the entryway. Luckily I have a guy for this, and he did it in one and a half days. Our good friend Terry Anderson came to paint again and did a great job.

I meanwhile have been working on converting the office from this to this and this. Which consists of building all the furniture out of Birch and installing recessed lighting in the ceiling. Since most walls are not square (and our house especially), it presented me with a challenge to get the built-in bookcases to align properly. I still have to add the shelf that goes over the window, as it has been difficult to get my head around. The lights were easier than I thought, but I did a lot of prep work in my 4 ft tall attic. I still have some file cabinets to build, some guitars to hang, and shelves to build for the closet. Then on to the bathrooms and master closet...

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