Just got back from a week in Hawaii with Paige. I had to do a couple of gigs (subbing for a friend), but we turned it into a vacation/anniversary present to ourselves. We stayed on the Big Island one extra day to take in the sights. I'm going to back post our activities from memory, as I just didn't have time to post while I was there. For now look at the pictures.

Kona to LAX to ORD to RDU

Start of a lonnnnnnnng day. Fly out of Kona at 1:30pm, arrive in LA at 10pm, where all the restaurants are closed, then off to Chicago (arrive at 5am), then arrive home at 9:30am June 1st.

Uneventful flights, slept some, read some, ate some, etc.

Good to be home for a few days before heading back out on tour next week...

2nd Day Off - Big Island

After yesterday, we decide to spend the day on the beach near the hotel. Drive up to the Hapuna Beach State Park. Where we spend most of the day relaxing on the beach.

Make an early day of it and back down to Kailua to watch the sunset and have dinner. Sunset is great, dinner is not. We haven't had the best of luck with food on the Big Island (besides Roy's), where we had amazing food on Maui and Kauai three years ago...

Back early, as we fly home tomorrow...

Day Off - Big Island

Sleep in this morning after a late night (hey, we're on vacation!). Get a late start on heading south to see the volcano...

After Starbucks, we head south for a few hours. Make a quick detour stopping at South Point, the southernmost place in the USA (not Key West as most people think). Beautiful views here.

Finally make it to the Volcanoes National Park, where we take in the Kilhuea Caldera and the Chain of Craters Road.

We head back along the east side of the island, stopping in Volcano and then Hilo, before heading back to the hotel via Waimea. All in all, we are gone 9.5 hours and spent 7 of those hours driving. Hey it really is a BIG island...

Stop to just catch the sunset, before heading back to the room for showers before dinner.

Decide to try Roy's for dinner, even though it's a chain, as we had great food at the one in Kauai. Roy's doesn't disappoint, everything is great...

Show Day - Kona, Big Island

Show today is on the hotel property. Load in at noon, soundcheck at 5, show at 8:30. Show sells better than the Honolulu one, and there is a great vibe. This band has always had 'it' whether it was in the clubs or in arenas and sheds, they never fail to put on a great show. Afterwards, we talk the hotel bar into staying open late, and they finally kick us out after 2am (they were supposed to close at 9:30pm).

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