Depart RDU around 2pm Wednesday June 1st, short hop to Philly then a 2 hour layover for my flight to Germany. Gotta love these new and improved terminals, Philly's airport looks more like a mall with planes... Grab some food at the food court, then wait as we switch gates and are delayed over an hour. Ugh.

Uneventful flight to Frankfurt, read most of my book, sleep very little. Arrive in Frankfurt late, but with plenty of time to catch my connection. Meet up with a few of my fellow crew and we're off to Cologne. It's a 40min flight so we're there in no time. Bags all arrive safe from the States. We're met by one of our UK tour buses and this is where I discover my digital camera is missing. Seems one of my backpack pockets came unzipped and it spilled out, also missing is my phone charger. No telling where this happened as it was on my back the whole time and I did alot of walking in various airports. It was old and in need of replacement anyway, just don't need to spend the $$ at the moment.

Arrive at the hotel in Cologne around 11am June 2nd, rooms are not ready, store bags and off for lunch with other crew members. Decide on the Wok Room, not bad for German Chinese food. Back to hotel for much needed nap as I have a migraine from flying. I do discover the hotel provides free dial-up internet. Hey, it's slow, but it's free!!!

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