Time to dust off the old blog...

Well, almost another year has gone by without a blog post. Why? What have I been doing? Here's a brief synopsis:

In May of 2007 I stopped touring full-time to start a tube amp company with my good friend Ossie Ahsen, it's called 3 Monkeys . Oz moved down to Raleigh in August and we spent the rest of '07 and most of '08 designing and building prototypes on the pool table in my (Paige's) sunroom. We moved out of my house and into a nice shop in August '08 . The amps were released to the public in November '08, right in the middle of the collapse of our economy. Sales have been steady, but not brisk. I have only done one tour since '07, which was the Experience Hendrix Tour in Oct-Nov '08, where I teched for Brad Whitford and Doyle Bramhall II.

Fast forward to 2009, I've been out teching for Darius Rucker (of Hootie & the Blowfish), filling in for my pal Skully (who's wife has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl). Darius has managed to go Gold with his debut country record in 9 weeks. He's also released two singles, both of which have gone to #1 on the Billboard Country Chart. In the last few weeks I have also been working for Green Day, as they will be releasing a new album in May and touring the world for the next few years. Oz and I will keep the amp company going while I tour.

So hopefully the blog will continue as I race around the world with Green Day again...

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