Quick update from home.

Still doing cleanup on the newly finished deck addition. Had a nice time at the beach on Mother's Day, where we were joined by my parents. Cooked a killer Grilled Tuna dinner Saturday night using steaks provided by our good friend Foy.

Cleo (our Golden Retreiver rescue) had surgery yesterday to remove a growth on her eye. She came home very groggy, but happy. Went to bed early only to be awakened at 1am with Cleo bleeding from her eye. We took her to the 24hr Vet where they stopped the bleeding and sent us home. Gladly we woke up to no more blood and a happy puppy.

Attempting to get everything done at home this week before we head out to Hawaii next Wednesday. More later...

The new Apple MacBook is available today. I was waiting on the 12" MacBook PRO to be announced, but might have to get this one instead. Yummy...

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