Greensboro -Show Day

Busy day today, I have a blown speaker in my rig and must get it changed out before sound check. I also have guests this afternoon and for the show. My guests for the show arrive just before the opener, we have some problems finding each other, but it eventually works out. Guests watch both sets from off stage right. I think everyone had a good time. Back to the bus after load out to hang for a bit before they must leave. I won't see my wife for a little over a month, which sucks.

Greensboro -Day Off

Long ride on the bus today. Don't get into Greensboro till almost 3pm. It's rainy. My wife joins me soon after. We go to dinner at one of my favorite Thai restaurants Taste of Thai. Then we hang in the hotel and watch 'Walk the Line'. Great Movie. I love Reese Witherspoon.

Sunrise, FL -Show Day

Gray and dreary outside, looks more like Boston in January. Downstairs early to send some emails, then off to the gig. Lousy catering = eat lunch on bus, again. This is a big show, as the opener and my band have a lot of guests today... Show goes well, both sides of the stage are packed with people, including Mickey Rourke (Sin City) on stage right.

Load out, and get ready for our long drive to Greensboro. Close to home, but not close enough...

Ft. Lauderdale -Day Off

Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale early, but I sleep in then get up and have breakfast on the bus. Up to the room to shower and then grab some Peruvian/Cuban food with Jerry (bass tech). Good stuff, and cheap too. Back to the hotel and discover free wireless internet in the lobby, soon it looks like a roadie convention downstairs... Up to the room to read and watch TV until I fall asleep.

Tampa -Show Day

Off to the venue at 11am (it's next door). Spend mos tof the day working on my truck pack and putting some new pickups in one of the Les Pauls. Catering is dismal, lunch is green salad and a mountain of lunch meat. I like a HOT LUNCH!! I skip it and hope dinner is better. No guests today, so work, work, work.

Go out to the bus for a peanut butter bagel. When I return to the venue, the opener is loading out (WHAT?), seems the singer has a sore throat and cancelled. Quickly a replacement is found in the form of a friend of one of the guitar techs, who just got a record deal. She performs about 20 minutes of solo piano and voice. She sounds great!

We play a longer set then usual to make up for the shorter opening set. My boss is on fire tonight and blisters his way through some of the classics...

Tampa -Day Off

In early to Tampa. Check into the hotel, eventually walk over to where the cruise ships dock. Grab some Thai for lunch, then walk back to the hotel and read, but not much else, for the rest of the day.

Atlanta -Show Day

Up EARLY. I mean really EARLY, as in 5am. My flight is at 7:15am to fly from RDU to Atlanta. Get to the airport at 6:15am, I've already checked in and printed my boarding pass at home. I go through security and directly to the gate (no bags to check).

Flight leaves on time and I arrive in Atlanta at 8:25am. Head to the MARTA station, pay my $1.75 for a token and ride the train into the city. Switch trains at Five Points Station and ride one more stop to the Philips Arena. Couldn't be more convenient. Well, back to the grind today, I had a great time at home...

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