Tampa -Show Day

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Off to the venue at 11am (it's next door). Spend mos tof the day working on my truck pack and putting some new pickups in one of the Les Pauls. Catering is dismal, lunch is green salad and a mountain of lunch meat. I like a HOT LUNCH!! I skip it and hope dinner is better. No guests today, so work, work, work.

Go out to the bus for a peanut butter bagel. When I return to the venue, the opener is loading out (WHAT?), seems the singer has a sore throat and cancelled. Quickly a replacement is found in the form of a friend of one of the guitar techs, who just got a record deal. She performs about 20 minutes of solo piano and voice. She sounds great!

We play a longer set then usual to make up for the shorter opening set. My boss is on fire tonight and blisters his way through some of the classics...

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