Atlantic City, NJ - Show Day

Up early on a brisk day in AC. Playing tonight in the arena at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino. Small place, less than 5000 seats. Hotel hooks us up with a couple of rooms for showers. Sweet!! That is, until I discover the rooms aren't in the main casino hotel but in this strange old hotel sandwiched between the arena and the parking garage. Place is straight out of "The Shining", with decor by Mike Brady circa '72. good shower though, just a little creepy...

Walking back to the bus I happen upon a kid and his Dad, I give the kid some guitar picks and we chat for a bit. Nice people, flew in from LA for the show.

Set-up, soundcheck, eat dinner, etc. Heading back out to the bus I run into my friends from LA and thay give me a watch to give to the singer. I invite them backstage for a quick tour, makes their day...

Meet up with Sean from Little Devil, makers of fine BMX clothing. Get him and his girl inside and we hang for a bit before the show. Cool people.

Crowd goes wild during the show and sound like way more than 5000 people. Load-out and bcak to bus for the drive to Albany.

Pittsburgh -Show Day

Wow, a week has gone by with no posts. Sorry people. Nothing too exciting this week, played 4 shows already, by tomorrow night it will be 6.

Highlights of the week. My high school / college bud Tony came to Jacksonville. Always good to hang with Tone. Some friends from Eastern Bikes came to Charlotte. Lots of friends in Norfolk; Josh, Rachel, and Rachel's little brother Cody came to soundcheck, with Cody getting to play the drums and meet Billie. Trevor and a couple of his college bud's from NC State also made the drive to Norfolk.

Band rented out a theater on our off day in Norfolk for everyone to see Sin City. A good time was had by all.

Rainy and chilly here in Pittsburgh today. I feel like a nap...

Aftershow, load-out and it's snowing. SNOWING!!! In April?? Crazy...

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