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Wow, a week has gone by with no posts. Sorry people. Nothing too exciting this week, played 4 shows already, by tomorrow night it will be 6.

Highlights of the week. My high school / college bud Tony came to Jacksonville. Always good to hang with Tone. Some friends from Eastern Bikes came to Charlotte. Lots of friends in Norfolk; Josh, Rachel, and Rachel's little brother Cody came to soundcheck, with Cody getting to play the drums and meet Billie. Trevor and a couple of his college bud's from NC State also made the drive to Norfolk.

Band rented out a theater on our off day in Norfolk for everyone to see Sin City. A good time was had by all.

Rainy and chilly here in Pittsburgh today. I feel like a nap...

Aftershow, load-out and it's snowing. SNOWING!!! In April?? Crazy...

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