Christmas Eve in the Emergency Room

Not a whole lot happening since I got home, have seen some friends, caught up on chores around the house, and oh yeah VISITED THE EMERGENCY ROOM. Since it was nearly 60 degrees here Friday and Saturday I was working on a project in the garage/woodshop. While planing a board with my nifty power planer, I get a wood chip in my left eye (yes, I was wearing safety glasses). I tried to wash it out, but no go. I continued working for another hour, hoping it would work itself out, but it did not. On the way to my in-laws for our annual Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange we stopped and got an eye wash, as my eye was getting worse. Well, the eye wash didn't do any good (it's only water anyway), so everyone talked me into going to the emergency room, as all the urgent cares were closed.

Got to the emergency room, the triage nurse gave me some numbing drops in my eye, boy do those drops burn for the first few minutes. I then went to the waiting room and waited 2.5 hours to be seen, periodically getting more numbing drops in my eye. Finally made it back to the examining room and eventually the PA (Physician's Assistant) saw me and used an ultraviolet light (black light) to finally find and remove the piece of wood in my eye. Now my eye is red and swollen, but no more wood!!! Also, I didn't have an abrasion on my eye, which is good.

Eventually made it back to the in-laws, ate dinner (around 10:30pm), exchanged gifts, etc. Well, not exactly the best Christmas, but what are you going to do.

PS: Went to the Eye Doctor on Tuesday, everything is good, no damage and I have 20/15 vision still.

Melbourne to RDU -Travel Day(s)

Get my 3 hours of sleep, and off to Starbuck's with Rockit, our carpenter, before the bus leaves. The rest of the backline guys are MIA and get oil spotted (left at the hotel). They are eventually awakened by numerous phone calls, and cab it to the airport, and even beat me through the line at check-in (bastards). Off to the gate, and the spending of the last of my Australian money in the airport shops.

Board the plane and I'm in the 2nd to last row. Four of our biggest guys are crammed in the last row, luckily the plane isn't too full and two escape to aisle seats elsewhere. I'm lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me. Doze off quickly and sleep for about 4 hours, then watch a movie, and sleep some more. Then finish my book about the time we touch down in LA.

Get through Customs pretty quick, claim my luggage, say a few goodbyes, and I'm off to get my ticket to RDU. Now comes the 2 and a half hour wait till my flight leaves, grab some food and hang out by the gate till boarding time.

My flight to Atlanta is cramped and noisy, I listen to my iPod and sleep. My flight to RDU is more cramped, I try to read/sleep most of the way. Land in Raleigh on time at 7pm. I have now been traveling for about 23 hours. Whew!! Be good to be home for a few weeks, before heading off with another band in January.

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