Cold and rainy in Portland. Make alot of phone calls and stay inside.

Brad W. and family come to visit in Manchester. They arrive at soundcheck and meet the band, then hang with me till showtime and watch from FOH. Good time is had by all, his youngest, Harry had the best time I think. Good to catch up with everyone.

More guests in Amherst at UMASS. John from Burns guitars stops by to hang and meet Jason. Paul S from Boston also comes to the show with his lady Katy. I get to chat with them while the opening band is on.

Not much else happening, gigs is gigs...

Binghamton, NY - Show Day

Today is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad.

Show today at SUNY-B, or State University of New York Binghamton... Only strange thing today is during dinner the temp drops 15 degrees in 5 minutes and it pours rain and hails for 30min or more, with lightning and thunder too. Weird.

Show is crazy, sold out and all general admission. Freezing at load-out, but at least it's not raining.

Binghamton, NY - Day Off

First day off in 4 days. Ride my bike to check out East Coast Terminal, a local indoor BMX/Skate Park. Hang out with Aaron, one of the owners, ride a little, but mostly watch a lot of locals bike and skate. Good day for riding.

Back at the hotel, chill for a bit, then off to find dinner. Not much around, but I stumble on a quaint Indian restaurant and have some fiery Chicken Vindaloo. Mmmmmm, good stuff.

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