Las Vegas -Show Day

Walk to the gig (it's next door). It's still cold outside. Load in and set up. Band comes in for soundcheck, they rehearse a song with the singer from the opening band. Entertainment Tonight is on hand to film the show and backstage antics. Show goes well, Slash watches from the side of the stage. The band does a cover of 'Come Together' by the Beatles with the singer from the opening band dueting with our singer. Sounds great. Hang out afterwards with my band guy and his family (who have flown in).

Las Vegas -Day Off

Wake up to check the weather as we are supposed to rent Harleys and ride today. High is only 55, it's about 40 this morning. Unfortunately too cold to ride, since none of us have winter riding gear and neither does the dealer. Oh well, end up going to see Date Movie, a spoof of chick flicks. Not too bad, not Shakespeare either. Good way to kill a few hours. Grab some dinner later at the food court with some of the other guys.

Tacoma to Las Vegas -Drive Day

All day on the bus today. It's a 20+ hour drive to Vegas. We left around 2am. I don't get up till 10am and I'm the first one up. There are only three of us on the bus, everyone else decided to fly. Eventually end up watching multiple movies on the satellite and DVD, reading and sleeping. Finally arrive at the hotel in Vegas around 9pm. We're at a casino, but I don't gamble. Grab a quick dinner and do some reading before bed.

Tacoma -Show Day

I know, I know. Long time no post, bad roadie, no catering!! This happens in the last week of a tour leg, you try and just keep your head down and soon you will be home.

Today's show is in the Tacoma Dome, a very large old gig. And it's freezing both inside and outside. The band comes in for soundcheck and can't believe how cold it is. Everybody is hoping it warms up for the show. It does (barely). Good show, but long slow load-out. Band is still backstage when I go for a shower. I have to wait till they're gone, then a quick shower and on the bus for our long drive to Vegas.

Seattle -Day Off

Get into Seattle at 4am, must get off the bus. Into the hotel and up till 6:30am. Well at least they gave me a goldfish in my room, his name is Gordo.

Miss another V-Day at home. Make sure to send the wife a nice bouquet of flowers though. Meet up with Jim and Burt(Brad) for lunch, Jim and I have Pho (Vietnamese), Burt opts for Quizno's over a burger and is disappointed. The Pho is excellent.

After lunch we decide to walk the 15 or so blocks to the Space Needle (never been up in it). We get there in about 20 minutes. Decide to hit the EMP (Experience Music Project), this is a museum dedicated to Seattle music(and musicians) and has the largest collection if Jimi Hendrix memorabilia in the world (hence the name). I wasn't allowed to take any photos inside the EMP, but it was worth the trip, lots of vintage guitars and killer Hendrix stuff, there was also a great Bob Dylan exhibit.

Next up is the Space Needle, none of us has ever been up to the top (probably because it is $13 to do so). We go anyway, I take a number of photos outside on the observation deck, till my hands are frozen, then back inside for a Chai from the Starbucks.

We stay inside the 'Needle till sunset, again taking some more photos. Unfortunately a large cloud obscures the sunset, so we leave just after twilight. Walking back towards the hotel, spot a couple of choice neon signs and snap a few more photos.

At the hotel we drop bags and my camera and head out for Indian food. We walk a few blocks back to Pabla and I have a very fiery Shrimp Vindaloo. Burt can't believe how hot it is. Very tasty. Back to the hotel, were I fall asleep reading. A very good roadie day off...

Space Needle, originally uploaded by guitartech.

Obligatory Seattle shot.

Portland -Show Day

Jerry had to go home for a couple of days, which means I'll be helping set up the bass rig again. One of the openers tech's (Jeff) will take care of the basses during our show. Set-up goes smoothly, I even have some extra time to solder some cables for my pedalboard.

Before the show I hear what sounds like a marching band backstage, seems our Brazilian production manager has hired a Carnivale band to play for some of the crews birthdays. Unfortunately I left my camera on the bus.

Show goes well, Jeff does a great job, before the encore, the Carnivale band takes the stage, complete with Vegas style showgirls leading the way. Singer announces our tour managers birthday onstage. Load out is slower than normal with Jerry gone, but we still get out in under 30min.

Portland -Day Off

Down to the Starbuck's this morning. Back at the hotel, my room key doesn't work. Go down to the front desk and they give me a new one, it doesn't work either. They send a maintenance man, he can't get it open with his key. He leaves to go get the 'special' tool. Finally he gets the door open, culprit is a dead battery in the lock. Elapsed time, about 20 minutes.

After a shower I go walking around downtown Portland. Lots to do, even on a Sunday. Hit two used book stores, used music store, have some Thai food. Make it back to the hotel around 3:15pm. Meet Magee and Scott at 4 to walk to the theater to see Firewall. Not bad, it's a Harrison Ford action flick, what do you expect? Ending wasn't great though. Load up on popcorn, so no dinner.

Back to the room for some guitar playing and reading, watch some of the Olympics too.

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