One Year Anniversary

Since Tom Spaulding pointed out that it was my one year anniversary of posting to this blog, I decided to ACTUALLY post something!! Where have I been? What have I been doing? Well, I semi-retired from the road last June to start a tube amp business. I have been busy building prototypes and generally trying to get the business off the ground ever since. Soon, within 60-90 days, all will be revealed...

For now, here is a photo from the only gig I've done since last year. I got an email from the one and only Marshall Crenshaw last week asking me if I was available to work his gig closing the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC. Since I'm a big fan, and it was only 2hrs away, I agreed and had a fabulous time doing it!! Marshall's bass player was MIA, as his flight was canceled by US Air, so Marshall and Diego Voglino (his drummer) did a duo in the Flat Duo Jets style. We had a great hang for lunch and dinner with Marshall, Diego and Don Malter from NYC. Lots of music talk and story swapping. Thanks guys for a great weekend. Also, thanks Tom, this post is dedicated to you...

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