Lake Las Vegas - Show Day

Arrive at the Hyatt at 3:30am, check-in and try to go back to sleep. By our 10am lobby call, we are told to hang around the hotel and wait for the show to be cancelled. It's still in the triple digits at 107 degrees. We are staying at Lake Las Vegas, a manmade lake about 30 minutes outside of the Vegas Strip. The resort here is very nice...

Go down to the pool with Jesper and Suzy, soon we get the call the gig is off, and we are to checkout and head to the airport to fly home. I was kind of enjoying myself at the pool...

Checkout and wait in the lobby for our bus/van to the airport and to hear our new flight info. I, of course can't get a flight out till 11pm tonight, not that my travel agent didn't try. Everything was sold-out. Everyone gets dropped off at the airport and I go to a hotel to hang out till time to go to the airport... Well, at least there's free high speed internet...

Laughlin, NV - How hot is TOO hot???

OK, so go down to the stage at 1pm. It is almost 117 degrees, it won't be under 100 by the time the band hits the stage at 9:30pm. Who thought it was a good idea to do a show in this weather? We set-up and soundcheck quickly, all drinking as much water as possible and taking periodic breaks in the barely air conditioned trailers behind the stage. By showtime it's still too hot, show cancelled. We loadout and take another long bus ride to Lake Las Vegas, for our show tomorrow.

Laughlin, NV - Day Off

Fly from Burbank to Vegas today, then board a bus for an hour and a half ride to Laughlin. Southern Nevada is in the triple digits and it is HOT. We get to Laughlin and check-in to the hotel/casino. It is 116 degrees outside. Ridiculous. I stay in the room till 8pm when we go to load-in for the show tomorrow, which is outdoors. At 10pm when we finish loading in, it is still 101 degrees. Double ridiculous!! Can't wait till tomorrow (at least we don't have to go in till the afternoon). Eat in the mexican restaurant in the casino, the food is amazing and cheap. Hudathunk?

Los Angeles - Show Day

Load in early to Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. Nice theater/performing arts vibe here. Going to be an easy day. No real catering to speak of until dinner though. Filip from Civilian Lab comes by in the afternoon to show me some of their new modules for carrying around all the stuff us roadies have to have on hand (Gerber Tool, flashlight, earplugs, etc.). These guys make great stuff and soon there is a herd of roadies checking out the gear. I buy a couple of the modules and wear them for the show.

Matt, Elizabeth and Alec show up early for a tour backstage and to check out our opening act Geoff Byrd. By showtime the celebs are in full force with Rick Springfield and Don Johnson in attendance. The band plays an amazing show and after a quick load-out we're back at the hotel.

Los Angeles - Day Off

Fly from San Jose to Burbank today. Arrive at our hotel in Hollywood around 2pm. Call my friends Matt and Alec and they come pick me up to go hit some music stores. Alec is shopping for a used Marshall amp. We eventually tire of the mindlessness of guitar salesman and grab some dinner near the Beverly Center. Back to the hotel early evening and fall asleep reading.

Saratoga, CA - Show Day

We're playing today at the Mountain Winery, which us an outdoor stage located at the top of a mountain at the site of the old Paul Masson Winery. Crazy twisty one lane road up the mountain, but beautiful at the top. I'll upload some pictures when I sort through them.

Great show. Great crowd, easily the best of the tour.

San Jose - Day Off

Roll to the airport early for our flight to San Jose. Just minutes from the terminal the van gets a flat tire. We all jump in the luggage/cargo van and finish the ride in sitting on our luggage.

Since I had no ticket for my flight here, they have to buy me another flight out. The airline is very helpful checking our group in (15+ people) and we're off to security. After another frisking, head to the gate and fall asleep on the flight to San Jose.

Land in San Jose, where they have a 'limo' type van to pick us up, not the best kind for 15 people and all their luggage. We end up with most of the luggage in the seats inside the van.

Since we're at the hotel early, go down to the pool for more reading. Around 7pm walk downtown with Mike and have some killer Thai food at 'House of Siam'. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

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