Los Angeles - Show Day

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Load in early to Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. Nice theater/performing arts vibe here. Going to be an easy day. No real catering to speak of until dinner though. Filip from Civilian Lab comes by in the afternoon to show me some of their new modules for carrying around all the stuff us roadies have to have on hand (Gerber Tool, flashlight, earplugs, etc.). These guys make great stuff and soon there is a herd of roadies checking out the gear. I buy a couple of the modules and wear them for the show.

Matt, Elizabeth and Alec show up early for a tour backstage and to check out our opening act Geoff Byrd. By showtime the celebs are in full force with Rick Springfield and Don Johnson in attendance. The band plays an amazing show and after a quick load-out we're back at the hotel.

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