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Today is my sister Alison's birthday. Happy Birthday!!

Down to the pool early today for some reading (we aren't leaving for the airport till 1pm). Meet everyone at 1 o'clock for the short drive to the airport. We are flying to Denver to do a benefit show tomorrow. We do a group check-in and I am last in line to get my ticket, which they have no record of. What? Seems the airline is a sponsor of the benefit and comp'd the tickets, which they left me and one other person off the list. Our tour manager pays for my ticket and I'm off to grab some food before the flight.

Grab a burrito and wait in a looooooooong security line. Since my ticket was booked at the last minute, I get the pleasure of an extra security search. Fun!! I get pulled to the side and wanded down, and all my carry-on stuff gets gone through with a fine tooth comb. They of course find nothing and I'm on my way to the gate, where we are already boarding.

Since I was booked at the last minute, I also get a middle seat (ugh!), but it's in the exit row and I'm next to our LD Jesper, so it's not too bad. Eat my burrito before take-off and fall asleep.

Land in Denver and head to the hotel, which is right off the 16th St. walking mall. Still full from the burrito, I opt out of dinner and instead wander the mall and browse a few stores before heading back to the hotel to read...

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