Gibson Summer Jam

Flew to Nashville this morning on SouthWorst Airlines. My flight was delayed over an hour, and they never even announced it, just kept the departure time (9:20am) on the board, even after they changed gates. That, and the idiotic ABC lineup for boarding (which no one can figure out) has me on the outs with this airline.

Arrive in Nashville late, get picked up at the airport by my friend (and Gibson Custom Shop employee) Steve Christmas. He's also got Kevin 'Beavis' Briers in the car, Kev is a tech like me, and currently on tour with INXS (of TV Rockstar fame...) Off we go to the new Gibson Custom Shop.

Kevin and I are giving guitar tech clinics today for the attendees of the 'Gibson Summer Jam', a celebration of the move to a bigger/newer building for the Custom Shop.

Anyway, arrive at the new building, they have armed security everywhere (weird). Head straight for the 'Pro Shop', this is where the one-off and artist guitars are built. Say hello to friends Sean and Ernie. Take a quick tour of the building, then walk outside to the tent where we will give our clinics.

Next to the tent is a big stage where Tesla will headline a show tonight, and Cheap Trick will headline the finale tomorrow night.

Have lunch, then set-up for my clinic, which is at 1:45pm. Tesla is still soundchecking, as they arrived late. I finally start my clinic around 2:30, about 20 people show up (there was supposed to be 1500+ people at this thing, but about 1/4 of that actually made it). Give a brief clinic on set-ups, string gauges, general maintenance, etc. The entire time, the opening act is soundchecking, with the PA aimed right at me. Oh well. Everyone asks questions, and I had a good time.

Kevin is up next and does a 30 minute nut replacement to about the same crowd. Kev and I hangout, catch some of the bands (not much), and eventually head to the hotel. He is flying out in the morning, I am staying to go to the auction and see Cheap Trick.

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