Long Beach - Day Off (kinda)

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Wake up around 8am on the bus, we're stopped in Long Beach around the corner from the hotel. Go outside to find Mo, our driver, conversing with a bunch of cops. Seems some idiot backed into the side of the bus as Mo was turning the corner. The cops in their infinite wisdom give Mo a ticket, for driving down a street that's not a 'Bus Route'. But, big trucks are going up and down the street loading and unloading. STUPID.

Get into the hotel and shower, then cab it out to the Long Beach Airport to meet Paige's plane. What a cool little airport, old Art Deco building with less than 10 gates. I actually stand behind a fence and watch her plane land and taxi within 150 feet of me. When's the last time anyone did that? Grab her bags an stand in line to get our rental car. The people directly in front of us take 45 min to get their car, since they keep saying their quote on the internet was for less than the agent is saying. The guy behind us thinks we should all pitch in the difference, just to get them out of the way. Good idea. Finally get our car, we are upgraded to a Saturn Ion, wonder what we would have got if the Saturn is an upgrade? LOL.

Head back towards the hotel, stop for Thai food lunch (Thanks Paige). Pretty good. We both have migraines, so we go to the hotel to rest and eventually walk to the Starbucks for refreshments. I have to go into the gig and set-up/line-check, which could have waited till tomorrow, but not my call. I miss going to dinner with our friends Matt and Elizabeth, but Paige goes in the hopes that i can join them later after I'm done working. I get done around 9:30pm and agree to meet everyone back at the hotel, they show up around 10:30 and we chat in the lobby for a while then off to bed.

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