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Up around 8:30am, watch two movies on the satellite, then ride up front with Mo. Get into Sacto around 1pm, check-in, shower, I have a migraine so I venture out in search of food. Run into some of the Bus 2 crew, we find the mall and eat at the local brew pub. I beg off after lunch/dinner to go back to the room and lay down and try to get rid of my headache.

Up around 7pm, ride my bike to try and find a Pharmacy for sinus medicine. It's closed, but spot an old theater (think Rialto Raleighites) that is showing "The Aristocrats" at 8pm. I've been dying to see this movie, it's all about the world's dirtiest joke. Head back to the mall for Starbuck's Green Tea Frap and Snickerdoodle, then back to the theater.

Movie (documentary) is great. Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Saget are hilarious. The ending is the best for me as one of my favorite comedians puts the cherry on top. Be sure to watch the credits if you see it.

Back to the room to catch up on the blog and probably read till late...

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