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Wake up on the bus around 8:30, we're just outside Reno, NV. Watch the update on Hurricane Rita, have my fake coffee, read some magazines, realize it is an hour earlier and eventually go back to bed. Back up around 10am PDT, ride up front with Mo, listening to Fox News on XM Radio. They are talking about Rita, the LAX plane, and the O'Reilly vs Donahue blowup, among other things.

The emergency landing at LAX really bothers me, do we really need to watch a plane crash on live TV? What if people would have died? This is what's wrong with the media in America today, I think it all started with the OJ freeway chase. This is why I don't watch CNN, CNBC, or especially Fox News. It's all rubbish. And don't even get me started on Bill O'Reilly.

Meanwhile on the bus, we get a call about 11:30 saying the rooms aren't ready. We're still on the freeway and I suggest we pull off at a mall or something, where the buses have plenty of room and people have something to do. But our lead driver decided to drive right into downtown San Francisco, is there parking near the hotel? Hell no!! We try the venue, also no. We drive around (keep in mind we have three 45' crew buses in SF downtown traffic). We pull up at a bus stop on Market St and sit. This is not the place to park, it is a city bus stop. My driver is fuming. Finally the rooms are ready, it takes us another 10min to get back to the hotel.

Check in, and up to my room. Hans calls and says Micah is downstairs and wants to take us to the band's warehouse, etc. Since I've never been I agree to go. 5min later Hans, Beau, Micah and I are off for Oakland. We try to find food, as it's past 2pm, we fail, so off to the warehouse first. Check out the place for 45 min or so, we may need to grab some gear while we're in town. Then we're off in search of food.

Head over to Alameda (which is an island) and try our luck at a German place Micah knows of. It only has a limited bar menu (read fried food). We head for La Pinata 3, Micah's standby for Mexican. Chips and salsa are delicious as is the Pork Tamales I order. Remember, we are now in the land of great Mexican food, we cannot pass it up. After lunch we head over to Micah's place, a killer loft in Oakland with garaged parking and he even has a large workshop area. I'm jealous of the cool city living. Hang at Micah's for a while then back to the hotel for a shower and internet time. Then it's off to the movies, then bed.

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