St. Paul -Show Day

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Sleep in as I was up to 3am reading. Leave hotel for the 20min drive to St. Paul. Arrive at the gig, set-up and change the acoustic bridge pickup in one of my 335's. Wait for line check to test it, it's busted too, so I change it again. This one works. Cool.

During the show the band does their usual 'kid' jam, where they pull 3 fans out of the audience to play a song. Tonight after the song ends, the 'kid' bass player decides to smash the bass he's playing. He gets three good whacks before someone gets to him. The bass is trashed (this is one of our touring basses, not some cheap knockoff). All the kid can say for himself is "You guys can afford another one". Wow. You know what, that's not the point, the point is that it wasn't his to smash in the first place. How would he have liked it if we took his glasses and smashed them, he can afford a new pair. That bass had been played by over 100 kids before him and was kinda special to the artist.

Load-out and stop by the dressing room to hang with the band for a moment. Then out to the bus and off to Des Moines.

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