Indianapolis -Show Day

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Wake up on the bus outside the venue. Get my bike out and ride into the venue for a shower and internet time. I don't realize till lunch time that it is an hour earlier than I thought. You see, Indy is one of those weird cities that half the year they use central time and the other half eastern time. I can never figure out when it changes. Oh well, I guess I got a head start on the day.

Go for a ride outside the venue, see a mall, but decide not to go shopping. Hit the Starbuck's attached to the gig (Bobzilla would love that) for a Green Tea Frap. Make some phone calls, then back inside for line check.

One of our guitar rig power amps is on the fritz, and by coincedence I have an amp repair guy coming to the show tonight. I give him a quick call and we send the amp over to his shop. He shows up right on time at 6pm and I take him and his group of three 15yr olds into the gig and give them a quick tour. They're off to get something to eat, I do the same, then its time for the show. Load out is quick and we depart around 1:30am for Moline, IL and an actual full day off.

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