Gillette Stadium NFL Kickoff -Show Day

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Wake up in the parking lot of the stadium and ride my bike around the lot till we meet the guys for load in. Unlike the rehearsal day, we are not allowed to load-in/out of the gate near the stage, we must use the main backstage entrance, which is on the other side of the stadium (how inconvenient). After loading in and line checking, we do a runthrough then out to the bus to tailgate till showtime.

Our brilliant drum tech Kenny had the foresight to get a grill and some stuff to throw on it last night. We tailgate next to our bus and the other fans, we are amateurs compared to some of the people out here, who are cooking seafood stew, lobsters, etc. But to be thousands of miles from home, we do pretty good with brats, ribs and crab cakes from our truck driver Chili. A lot better than the catering at the gig for sure...

Back inside we do our one song in the endzone, on a stage beneath the scoreboard. Everything goes off without a hitch. We quickly clear the stage after the performance, but we won't be able to load out till after the game. Watch the pregame for the side of the stage then get invited to the band's skybox to watch the rest of the game. Lots of food in the skybox, but I'm too full from tailgating to eat anything :( Oakland plays a good game, but gets beat by the Pats by 10 points.

After the game comes the long push to load the truck. Takes us about an hour to loadout. Then it's back on the bus and a short ride to Hartford where we check in to the hotel at 4:30am. I end up staying awake till 6:30am reading.

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