Gillette Stadium - Show Day

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Up at 7am, bus call at 8am. Ride to the gig and straight on stage to setup. This is my last day to put the final touches on my 'B' rig, I finally have all the pieces and I spend all day soldering cables to finish up. Band comes in to soundcheck around 3:30pm and after we're done I hookup with my friends Matt and Alec from California. Take them backstage and being the gearheads that we are Matt and I talk guitars and amps while Alec noodles on Jason's new SG. Alec has brought some watches for the band which I give them after the show (thanks Alec from the guys). After they head to their seats I sit down for the first time today and have dinner, then call my wife while riding around in the parking lot.

Band plays another great show (probably better than Giants, as they get more comfortable on these huge stages). Another great fireworks display at the end. Long push for load out...

Trying to load the truck at the loading dock we are confronted by an angry local police officer who informs us we cannot line up our cases to load the truck or we will be arrested. What? Seems he HAS to keep the area clear to be able to drive a van in. I politely ask him (while he yells at me) where he would like us to put the cases. He is no help, he just says we can't put them by the truck. Why even have a loading dock, if you can't load? We appease him and he eventually goes away and we are able to load the truck by lining the case up 30 feet away and pushing them through an 8 foot gap. If they don't want things blocked up they should paint I line on the floor.

On the bus late and go to sleep as we'll have a border crossing in a few hours on our way to Montreal.

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