RDU to Ft. Lauderdale - Show Day

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Up at 7am, check the weather and the airport in Florida is still closed. Check my flight status with Delta and it says ontime. Hope Delta is right. Paige dropsme off around 9am at RDU, and I checkin for my flight with no problems.

Board the plane at 9:45am, the pilot announces that it will be an easy flight until we get to Ft. Lauderdale, where he says "things will get interesting". Sleep for part of the flight, a little bumpy as we descend into the airport, but an easy landing. It's raining pretty hard as we disembark, but passes quickly. I didn't check any bags, just have the clothes on my back and a small bag with gig stuff in it (not even my powerbook!!).

Grab a cab and give the cabbie the address and name of the venue 'Office Depot Center'. I hope I don't end up at an Office Depot store somewhere. He doesn't know where the venue is, so I call and he gets directions. Alot of the traffic lights are out and some roads are closed due to fallen trees. After 20 minutes and a $40 cab ride, I arrive at the venue and go inside to set up for the day.

Freezing cold in the venue, but hot and humid outside. Weird when you have to go in and out. Great dinner tonight from our catering staff, chicken with coconut and lemongrass, which I have over the gnocchi and it's delicious.

Load out and off to our hotel for the next couple of days in Miami on South Beach. Arrive 3am, have lobby call for VMA load in at 7am. Ugh.

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