Raleigh - Show Day

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Arrive in Raleigh about 8:30am, Paige picks me up from the gig and we head home for a few hours before I have to be back to work. Good to be home to see Paige and the puppies.

Arrive back at the gig around 1:30pm, get Paige a laminate and she heads back home, while I set up. I call her to return to the venue around 4pm to bring the dogs down to see everyone. They love it, and so do certain pet friendly crew members ;) Paige heads home before soundcheck and returns around 6pm and we eat dinner together in catering.

About 6:45 I really start getting busy as all my guests arrive about the same time and I do a couple of abbreviated backstage tours and send everyone out into the crowd. Paige decides to stand onstage with me this time, and she gets to meet the band as they come on and off the stage.

More guest duties aftershow, as I meet up with few people in the VIP room. I keep staring at one guy who looks like a friend of mine form the business. Turns out he is my buddy's brother, who has come over from England to stay in NC for a while, even though my buddy is out on tour with Garbage.

After the VIP room, Paige and I walk back to the bus and it dawns on me that I should stay overnight and fly down to FL on Friday for the gig. So, we head back to the house and book a cheap flight online. I call the guys on the bus to let them know to leave without me. Now I get two extra nights sleeping in my own bed. Yippee!!

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