Miami - Mtv Video Music Awards

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Up around 8am and off on my bike again, as there are few people around. The architecture here is marvelous and really beautiful. Get rid of all the shallow people and I might learn to like this place. Ride till time to take a shower and go to the arena for dress rehearsal.

Do a full run through at 1pm, with no problems. End up standing next to Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives (hubba hubba) before heading up to catering for lunch. There is a huge line upstairs and they are out of everything but meatloaf. Oh well, really makes me miss our caterers. Back to the bus (we were lucky enough to be able to park at the gig) for some TV watching, napping, etc.

Reset for the show at 5pm and then wait around till 8 for our performance. We are on first, which is nice, and it's over quickly and looks/sounds great on the replay. By the time we load out the band has won five out of six awards and still have two to go. Wow!! Watch the telecast from the bus while talking to my wife on the phone. By the end the guys win seven out of eight awards, including Viewer's Choice. The drummer even thanks the 'live crew', which means a lot to us. We're even invited to the afterparty and we all take limos back to South Beach and hang in a private room with free food and drink. I even stand next to Hillary Duff, but miss seeing Paris Hilton... Bus arrives around 2:30am to pick us up and after dropping a few people off at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport we head to DC.

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