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Arrive at the hotel around 11:30am. Rooms are ready. Up to the room for a shower/shave and a call to my buddy Shaun who's meeting me for lunch. Shaun and I go way back, we were both on the Verve Pipe crew in '99. We haven't seen each other in a few years (last time we ran onto each other in an airport).

Call Shaun and leave a message. He calls back in a few minutes, I woke him as he was out late on a rare drinking night. He's gonna swing by and pick me up in an hour or so. This turns into an hour and a half as he forgot he took a cab home and must retrieve his truck. He arrives and we ask the guy at the hotel where some good Indian might be. He says there's some right around the corner. Cool. Due to all the one way streets it takes us 10 minutes to get to the place. Turns out to be right behind the hotel, we should have just parked there and walked. Oh well.

Enter the restaurant around 1:50pm, they have a buffet, but we ask to order off the menu. Seems the kitchen is closed. Much conferring ensues, after checking with 2 or 3 people the waiter says OK. He asks us what we want, never showing a menu. We both order Vindaloo and we're off.

We have a good chat over our Vindaloo's and soon it's almost 3:30pm and I think the restaurant closed at 2pm. We're the only souls in the place. We make a hasty exit and I'm back to the hotel, while Shaun goes home to prepare to go back on tour with The Mars Volta tomorrow.

Hang out in the room most of the afternoon, then hit the Barnes and Noble for a Chai tea and a magazine. Then more internet time...

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