Moline, IL -Show Day

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Up early, but still get in the shower late and just make bus call. No worries, the gig is just next door. Go in and get my new powerbook battery from FedEx. My old battery would only hold 33% of a charge and that's just not cutting it out here anymore.

Set-up my stuff and begin changing the acoustic bridge on JW's main 335. The old one has been snapping D strings and I decided to replace the whole bridge instead of just the D saddle. Get it done and wait for the stage to be wired so I can test it. Don't get to test the bridge till linecheck and its buggered. Good thing I have another one in my workbox. Spend even more time changing the bridge for the second time. Get it done in time for soundcheck and everything looks (sounds) good.

Quick dinner and talk a Mondo and Micah into a bike ride over to Rock Island, which is across the river from the gig. Big Kevin told me there were lots of dirt trails over there, so I want to investigate. The island is rocking!! Lots of trails that weave in and out of the woods, some of them narrow with man-made jumps. We ride down one trail and come upon a homeless man reading a newspaper on a bench surrounded by all his belongings. It's like we just rode through his living room. Sorry dude!

Micah peels off to grab dinner and Mondo and I try some of the more difficult trails and after almost crashing, we decide to play it safe and head back. We stop at a large info center that tells of the history of the island, it used to be a big steel mill in the 30's and 40's then held an ice house at one point. Pretty cool.

Back to the gig in time to chill on the bus for a bit, then it's showtime.

Aftershow the whole crew barbecues as it's Roadie Friday and we can't get into our rooms tomorrow in Minneapolis until after 11am.

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