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Wake up in the parking lot of the hotel in Moline. Notice a bike path just outside the bus beside the river. Out come my bike and I ride down the path almost to Davenport, IA. I ride for at least 30min in one direction and it shows no signs of ending. I find out later the path is 90 miles long. Whew!! More riding around the small downtown, note Thai, Mexican and Vietnamese restaurants for later.

Back to the room for free internet and some business calls. End up watching the World Superbike races from Germany. An Italian rider named Lorenzo Lanzi, on his first ride for the Ducati Factory Team, wins the second race. He probably would have won the first race, but he incurred a penalty for running off the track. Go Ducati!! Our monitor engineer Beau calls me and I head downstairs to check out his new DK bike, it's killer and we add another rider to the crew. If the bus wasn't gone for service I could have grabbed my bike and gone riding.

The thunderstorms roll in and I decide to take a short nap. When I wake up it is clear and the bus is back, so I head out for some dinner, decide on Thai, as there are alot of people in the restaurant, so it must be good. I'm not dissappointed, the Basil Chicken is delicious (and spicy) and I can't even finish it. I'm stuffed as I ride back to the hotel. Talk to Paige on the phone and try to keep track of Ophelia and her effect on our house at Oak Island. Hope the damage isn't too bad. Start a new book and fall asleep reading it.

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