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Get my laundry in early via my pal Mondo (lighting crew). Get to the gig and grab a package from UPS, it's new speakers for my onstage cabinet. Install the speakers and test them out, sound pretty good. Change strings, etc. Band comes in to soundcheck, blah, blah, blah. My guests from Not Lame Recordings show up, good to finally put a face to the people. I escort them backstage for a tour and we hang out talking till the opening act goes on.

Show goes well, except for one gaff. My buddy Bobzilla is very fond of saying I never screw up, but I did tonight. Gave JW his guitar for 'Blvd' and I forgot to plug it in. A couple of seconds of 'dead air' and we were up and running. Very embarrassing, never happened in 10yrs. Oh well, stuff happens. Head up to VIP after the show and hang till they kick us out. Down to the bus and off to SLC.

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