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Wake up early on the bus. We're in Wyoming somewhere. Watch some TV and wait for Motorcycle Racing to come on Speed TV. We stop at a truck stop and Micah runs in to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yay Micah! Micah and Big Duder spot an antelope on the side of the mountain next to the truck stop, pretty cool. I miss it due to talking on the phone. As soon as we leave the truck stop, we don't get a mile before we come to a dead stop on the highway. Seems a propane tanker has flipped up ahead and they are still clearing the road. We sit for almost 2 hours, good thing we've got A/C and satellite TV.

Arrive in Salt Lake around 2pm. Up to the room, and realize if I want lunch I better get moving as most places close at 3. Grab my bike and head down a few blocks to a highly rated Thai place. I'm the only one in the place and when my food arrives I feel something dripping on me. Look up and water is dripping out of the ceiling. What is it with leaky ceilings and the Howard family. Seems the guy in the condo upstairs has sprung a leak in his hot water heater. Finish my delicious lunch and bike down to the street mall. Check out the Barnes and Noble, then back to the hotel.

Arrive back at the hotel and the guys are grilling out, I must have just missed it!! Band is hanging out as well. Hang for a bit then up to the room. Get a text from Beau, seems we're going to bike gang it down to the mall. Everyone with a bike heads out, Kenny is toting Micah as Micah's bike is on the truck. We stop by the venue (next to the mall) to see if we can grab Micah's bike, but no trucks have arrived yet.

We ride around the mall and Micah ends up buying a bike, and we head off again. Eventually end up back at the buses, more hanging out. Beau and I decide to ride some more and we head in the opposite direction and end up by Brigham Young and then we turn around and head back to the mall. Buy some magazines/books at B&N, then we head back to meet the rest of the Bus 3 guys for dinner.

Walk to the nearby Blue Iguana, great Mexican place. Haven't eaten here in years. They have great mole's. I get a Tinga Chimichanga (roasted spicy pork). It is amazing, as is the chips and salsa. Everyone stuffs themselves, and we waddle back to the hotel. I watch about 1/4 of 'Arthur' on DVD, before falling asleep.

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