San Francisco -Show Day

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Call is for 9:30am, way too early, but doors are at 5. Bus is nowhere nearby, so mostly hang on stage right or in catering. After soundcheck I get a call from Emily (niece of my friends Adam and Leslie), I meet her and her friend (both 16) and give them a short backstage tour, then release them back into the crowd. Eat dinner and watch some of Flogging Molly, our extra opening act for tonight. Pretty good, punk rock Irish music. Show is sold out to the tune of 41,000 people. This is a home show for the band so they are especially proud. Show goes great and our stadium fireworks are in full effect.

Load out takes forever as this is a baseball park, not a band friendly arena. Hang in the dressing room afterwards with various band members and family, then bike out to the bus and go to sleep around 2am. Wake up at 3am to use the restroom and Micah has just returned with local tacos and I decide to have one and end up staying up till 5:30am watching a movie...

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