San Francisco Load-in Day

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Lobby call is for 3pm for load-in/linecheck. I go out about 10am to see if I can find a good 50mm lens for my new Canon 350D. On the way to Adolf Gasser (famous photographic store), I pass a liquor store with a huge window display of Fernet Branca. This is funny, as Hans loves the stuff and we often have it on the bus. It's a strange Italian digestif that tastes like spearmint and lawn clippings (no joke). I remember a great Bill Cosby bit (from a record I had as a kid) on Fernet Branca. Anyway, it was funny to me...

Get to Gasser, they are out of the lens I want. i head down the street back towards the hotel, stop for a Starbuck's Chai, and pop into a independent bookstore. Buy a book on photography and continue on my route back to the hotel. Spot another camera store and grab my lens and a few other things. Stop at a few places on the way back to the hotel, Paul Frank, North face, Macy's, etc. Purchase nothing. Last place I hit is the Apple store, which is packed with people. They have a bargain bin near the registers and I score a worldwide adapter set and USB guitar interface for next to nothing. SCORE!!

Drop stuff off at the hotel and go out to grab lunch before my call. Find one Thai place, too crowded, then another and grab some great Gai Ka Prow (Basil Chicken). Tara calls during lunch and the call is pushed back till 4:45. Stop at Borders for some magazines, head back to the hotel for a nap.

Arrive at the gig around 5pm. Get yelled at for riding bikes by the venue security. Lighten up dudes... Line check around 8pm, band comes in for a walk through, no playing. Head back to the hotel around 10:30pm. I'm starting to get a cold and need to rest.

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