Tokyo/Sapporo, Japan

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We arrive in Tokyo, wait in 30-45min. line at Immigration, after 25min. Little Japanese guy comes by calling our names, takes us to the front of the line so we can make our connection. Get through Immigration to baggage claim, I don't see my bag anywhere, not good. Little guy tells me to go to United baggage claim counter, as I watch my fellow crew members claim their bags and walk through Customs. Fill out paperwork at United counter, I'm promised my bag will arrive tomorrow. Another little guy runs me over to Customs officer. They whisk me through and luckily I see my comrades on other side (they lost someone else's bag too, so I don't feel so bad. We board a bus for the 1hr. drive to Tokyo-Haneda Airport for our flight to Sapporo. And I thought Chicago was bad.

Arrive at Haneda and Yoko from Mr. Udo's crew checks us in with Japan Airlines. Mr. Udo is a famous Japanese promoter. Everyone is very nice and they even give us 1000yen ($10) for being inconvenienced. Wow. We board our flight for Sapporo, it's very empty and the flight is uneventful.

Arrive in Sapporo, it's raining of course, get on a bus for the 45min. ride to the hotel. Isn't anything near by in this country? Get to hotel, it is now almost 11pm. We all spot a 7-11 and after dropping our bags, we head there for a Cup of Noodle and Japanese snacks (gotta spend that 1000yen). Noodles are good. I will now try to read and then sleep.

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