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Today we are flying to Hawaii for a week, and I will be doing two gigs while there (subbing for a buddy) and vacationing the rest of the time. Paige and I were married in Hawaii 3 years ago last week.

Up early, as our flight is at 8:15am. Make it to the airport and check-in without incident. Fly to Honolulu via Dallas. Paige sleeps most of the flight, I watch a little of King Kong and then fall asleep too. Arrive in Honolulu at 3:30pm local time (9:30pm EDT). Take the shuttle to the hotel to save money, should have splurged on a cab, as it took forever...

Arrive at the hotel (Ala Moana Surfrider), which is right on Waikiki Beach. Up to the room, drop our bags and head to the beachside bar. Meet up with Devil Boy (my production manager) and one of the band guys, who are a few rum punches in already. Paige and I order Lava Flows (I don't usually drink, but on vacation I've been known to toss back a few fruity drinks). The guys have made friends with a couple (Paula and David) who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Nice people.

Any way, we hang out talking, sitting right next to the beach for a while as more members of the touring party arrive. As the sun sets we are invited to take an hour cruise on a big catamaran that docks nearby. Off we go, I left both my cameras in the room, but Paula took a picture of Paige and I with my phone.

After the cruise it's off to find dinner. We hit Keo's Thai late (almost 10pm) and them back to the room for some sleep, as we are exhausted.

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