Queen + Paul Rodgers - Spectrum, Philadelphia

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I got invited to go see an evening with Queen + Paul Rodgers last night. Cab it out to the Spectrum with Jim, Brad, and Scott. We pickup our tickets and head inside to meet up with Brian May's tech. He's busy, so we wait at FOH, where Jim knows one of the Clair Bros. Audio guys. Eventually, Brian's guy comes out and we go backstage to check out the gear. Brian May's tone is kind of a 'Holy Grail' to us geetar players, so we are surprised to see a rather sparse rig, just three Vox AC30's, although custom built ones. We also get to see Brian's homemade guitar that has been with him his entire career. I see a few friends on the crew as well.

We make our way to our seats at house left (off stage right). They open with 'Tie Your Mother Down', as expected. There is no opening band so they play an almost two and a half hour set, mixing in Bad Company and Free songs. Paul Rodgers does an admirable job with Freddie's material, but really shines on his own stuff.

Take the subway back to the hotel and I'm back in the room at 11, in time to catch the replay of Sunday's Sopranos premiere.

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