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Another day off here in sunny and mild LA. Sleep in this morning as we didn't get back to the hotel last night till 2am. Run into fellow crew member (and Raleighite) Marty in the elevator and we hit the Starbuck's. Drink my Chai Tea outside the hotel with a couple of other crew members. Later, have some Baja Fresh lunch and walk around Sunset Blvd. with Jerry for most of the afternoon.

Around 7pm, I get picked up by my good friends Matt and Alec. They are taking me to dinner at The Ivy, the place to see or be seen in LA. We are seated around the corner from the front door, my back is facing the room and I can see out onto the porch (where all the 'be seen' people are). Right as our food arrives, my boss' son pops up next to our table. I turn around and there is the boss and his family out for his birthday dinner. Of all the restaurants in LA, what are the odds we would be at the same one? So much for getting away from it all (just kidding). I go over to say hello to everyone and introduce my friends. We head out around 9pm, Alec has school tomorrow, got to get that boy home.

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