Quebec City / Toronto Days Off

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Had 2 days off over the last 3 days, but now we're beginning a 4 in a row...

Quebec City, Quebec - Arrive at the hotel, no bus parking, must wake everyone up to get off the bus. It is freezing here and raining. Check-in to room, TV is all in French, decide to read for awhile, and fall sleep, as it is a dreary day. Go out late for takeout Thai/Chinese. Not bad, not good either, but I was starving.

Toronto, Ontario - Still freezing cold and rainy. After check-in, venture out for lunch, eat at a Thai place I have a cookbook from, cool!! Walk 10-12 blocks looking for a BMX store I read about, find it, but don't buy anything. Do buy a new book at the bookstore, as I'm almost finished with what I'm reading. Pass the Much Music studios (Mtv of Canada) and there's a huge crowd outside. Who are they waiting for? Paris Hilton, that's who!! Go out for dinner (Chinese) with Pyro Kevin (who's from around here), great place in Chinatown. It is freezing as we walk back in the dark though.

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