Chicago - Show Day

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Check-out and go down to get on our new bus, as I approach the driver is coming off and it's none other than my friend Mo Jackson. Mo and I did BBMak back in 2000 together. He's a great guy and a good driver.

Arrive at the venue early and finish up work from yesterday, mostly stenciling my new road cases. Band comes in for soundcheck and everyone looks good and relaxed. JW will be playing on two more songs in the set, which is great, even if it's more work for me ;)

Go and meet my guests after dinner and give them a quick backstage tour. Show starts on time and goes well until 3/4 of the way through the set when the lighting rig goes black for half a song. Then the new pyro gag doesn't work. Uh oh, there must be a stage gremiln. Next it hits me as my acoustic sound doesn't work for the first quarter of 'Blvd'. Damn. The gremlin then moves to stage left as the keyboard rig loses power. Wow, honestly never seen this many things happen in one show. Hope the next one goes better. Band played great through it all. Long load out as we have a lot of extra cases and can only load one truck at a time.

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