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Paige drops me off at Terminal A at RDU for my US Air flight to Chicago. Stand in line at US Air and once I get to the counter they inform me that my flight is a codeshare with United Express and it leaves from Terminal C. Great, now I have to walk to Terminal C with all my luggage. Check in curbside, to avoid any more hassles and I'm off to the gate. Plane boards a few minutes late. After takeoff I read most of the flight. We do hit an air pocket and drop about 100 feet or so, scares a few people. Nothing from the pilot on this...

Arrive in Chicago on early and go wait for my luggage at the designated belt. After waiting for 30min, I overhear a few people from my flight saying our luggage is at another belt (even though the belt I'm at still says RDU on it). I cruise over to the other belt and see bags from my flight going round. Don't see my bag though. On my way back to the other belt, I happen to glance at the oversize belt and see my bag next to it. Granted, it's a backpack/duffel style bag, but it's considerably smaller than a regular piece of rolling luggage. So after an hour I have my bag. Join fellow crew members from other flights for our ride into downtown Chicago. On the way our van driver gets pulled over, I think for running a light, and is let off with a warning.

Check into the W Hotel which is right on Lakeshore Dr. across from the lake. Meet more crew members in the bar and hear about everyone's time off. Then up to bed to read and get ready for an early call.

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